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The People’s Architect – Episode 2

By 14 November 2023November 16th, 2023No Comments

The People’s Architect Podcast

Episode #2: Understanding and Analyzing P3

“Understanding and Analyzing P3”

On this episode, we continue the P3 conversation with industry veterans, Malcolm Macintyre, Adam Shaw, and Crawford’s Owner & Senior Principal, Stacey Jones. Crawford Architects is an award-winning international planning, architecture and interior design firm, headquartered in Kansas City. As a professional services firm, we specialize in the planning and design of sports facilities and live-work-play developments that contribute to the well-being of their occupants.


Adam Shaw, Managing Director at Accenture | Industry X – Infrastructure & Capital Projects (
Malcolm Macintyre, Director at Capella Capital (
Stacey Jones, Owner & Senior Principal, Crawford (

Listen to episode #2 here: 

Part One: Listen Now
Part Two: Listen Now

Quotes from the Episode:

“The only way that we could do things of a big nature, airports, infrastructure like that, roads and other services was to couple with the private, private industry—to bring in their innovation, their access to capital and to partner with public entities to actually build the things that we needed to get done in a country like Australia.”

“Working with Crawford on a what started out as a convention center in Darwin—gosh, nearly 20 years ago—we created a waterfront, we created a beach, we created a place that the community enjoys and takes pleasure in. It was, I think, the bringing together of infrastructure developers, private developers, the architects, the engineers et cetera that allowed us to take a very holistic view to a place and determine what was the best outcome… If you’re delivering a public transport system, it’s about delivering on time, high reliability, high quality, safe, clean, reliable transport outcomes.”

“What what we’re seeing now is, is that is the scale of the projects has got enormously large. The projects that we’re doing are in the many billions of dollars. It’s typically been the more complex projects that go down the P3 route, and that’s partly related to risk transfer to the private sector. We’re also seeing a, a significant refocus on social infrastructure, where the public’s focus is on service delivery outcomes, way beyond just what the asset delivers.”

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