University of California, Merced

Merced 2020 Projects

“The Largest P3 Project Completed in the U.S.”

The University of California, Merced (UC Merced) is setting a new standard for 21st-century learning, with the desired outcome of expanding the University of California (UC) Merced Campus to meet the urgent enrollment demands, both near term (10,000 students in 2020-2021 Academic Year) and long term, without incurring a crippling capital cost burden to the UC System.

The UC Merced 2020 Project is the nation’s largest social infrastructure public-private partnership (P3) developed in the United States to date. It is a full DBFOM. With the 2020 Project, delivery model, the 2020 Project team worked hand-in-hand with the university to realize a 24/7, live, and learn campus expansion.

Facility details and amenities (Design Review Management)

  • Lab 2A: Sustainability Research and Engineering Lab
  • Lab 2B: Arts & Computational Sciences Lab
  • Lab 3A: Biomedical Sciences and Physics Lab
  • 3G Conference Center
  • Residential
  • Student Wellness and Counseling Center
  • Competition Fields (soccer, football, lacrosse)
  • Competition swimming pool


  • 1B Retail Shell Test Fit
  • Athletics Corp Yard Design

As of December 2020, UC Merced was officially announced as the first public research university to achieve carbon neutrality nationwide.


University of California, Merced


Merced, CA


1.2M GSF/215 acres


LEED Platinum Certification

1st Public Research University to Achieve Carbon Neutrality


P3 Advisory, Master Planning/ Concept Design, Interior Architecture, Health & Wellness, Recreation, Higher Education, Mixed-Use, Retail & Entertainment, Residential, Convention, Life Sciences, Commercial Office


Academic, administrative, research, recreational, student residence, student services, utilities and infrastructure, outdoor recreation, and open space areas

This is a signature moment for future generations of Californians who aspire to learn in the classroom and the laboratory at the first new research university of the 21st century.

Janet Napolitano, University of California President