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The People’s Architect – Episode 1

By 27 September 2023No Comments

The People’s Architect Podcast

Episode #1: Meet Crawford

“Meet Crawford”

Join us for the first-ever episode of The People’s Architect, a podcast series brought to you by Crawford Architects, where we explore how to connect people through innovative design that benefits both the client and the community at large. We sit down with Crawford’s senior principals and co-owners, Stacey Jones and David Murphy, to chat about the firm’s history, culture, and approach. We’ll revel in stories about the firm’s roots, and discuss some of the historic projects that have made Crawford a prominent name within the industry. Throughout this episode, we will explore the question–what makes us ‘The People’s Architect’?


Stacey Jones, Owner & Senior Principal, Crawford (
David Murphy, Owner & Senior Principal, Crawford (

Listen to episode #1 here: 

Part One: Listen Now
Part Two: Listen Now

Quotes from the Episode:

“I’ll look back on as, you know, those are tough years, the first five years. But they’re, they’re great memories and launched the firm and created the foundation for what we are today.”

“I think our success got off to a good start because we brought big project experience and the understanding of how to deliver those along with the grit and the determination of a, a small practice that had to scrap to survive.”

“I’m also very proud of our client relationships–repeat clients, just the friendships. I’m proud to be their trusted advisor. I think it’s the work that we’ve done, whether it’s the Darwin Cove Convention Center in the Western territories of Australia, Spark Arena in Auckland, New Zealand, or our work for the Seattle Seahawks at Lumen Field.”

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