The Minnesota Vikings

TCO Performance Center & Headquarters

“The Best Facility in the NFL”

The TCO Performance Center and Headquarters for the Minnesota Vikings has been touted as “the best facility in the NFL” and recently called the “best training facility in any sport.” The TCOP complex includes 277,000 gross square feet of office and training facilities. Given the cold temperatures that occur in Eagan, MN, peak heating is the primary energy concern for the TCO Performance Center.

The layout and orientation of the facility incorporate passive solar design strategies and are organized to maximize direct heat gain during the brisk winter months while also providing quality views and controlling glare. This is accomplished architecturally through the use of floor-to ceiling glass, and darker exterior materials at the office portions. The result is an energy-efficient design that is less reliant on active systems thus reducing energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions. Daylighting is maximized through the incorporation of a continuous skylight central corridor allowing natural daylight to reach all floors of the building.

The Vikings’ Team Suite features the latest in Biophilic and Resilient Design principles with direct and convenient connections to equipment, training, recovery, and sports medicine facilities. Modeled after the hull of a Viking ship with oars in the water, the ceiling of the main locker room is a signature element full of technology that complements the full integration of the locker room with the overall facility including player performance analytics and coaching video.


The Minnesota Vikings


Eagan, MN


277,000 GSF


$120 Million


2018 NAIOP Award of Excellence


Master Planning/ Concept Design, Architecture, Interior Architecture, Brand Activation, Signage & Wayfinding, Stadiums & Arenas, Training Facilities, Health & Wellness, Mixed-Use, Commercial Office

Crawford did a masterful job of capturing the essence, core, and grit of Winter Park, and brought it along here. Whoever you are, you are going to feel comfortable here and feel like this is home. This is the best headquarters in all of professional sports.

Kevin Warren, Big 10 Commissioner & Former Minnesota Vikings Vice President / COO