P3 Advisory

Specialty Advisory Solutions for Public-Private Partnerships

Crawford Architects has emerged as a leading expert in public-private partnerships (P3 delivery). Our team has been involved in P3 work from California to Australia. The 2020 Project at the University of California, Merced has set the standard for P3 throughout the U.S. Crawford partners with government agencies to help them work more effectively with the private sector. Conversely, our services help private sector clients navigate complex government processes. Assurance of delivery within acceptable schedule, scope and cost parameters, while setting up an effective management structure and maintenance regime for the life of an asset, are measurable outcomes.


So, what is Public-Private Partnership (P3)? It is a contractual agreement between a public agency (federal, state or local) and a private sector entity. Through this agreement, the skills and assets of each sector (public and private) are shared in delivering a facility or service for the use of the general public. In addition to the sharing of resources, each party shares in the risks and rewards potential in the delivery of the facility and/or service.


David Murphy, AIA,AIBC,NOMA

Owner & Senior Principal

James Franklin

Associate Principal

Featured Work

Merced 2020

“Largest P3 Project Completed in the US”

New Aloha Stadium and Entertainment District

“A World-Class Development in Honolulu”

Darwin Cove

“Transforming the Cove”