The Village at Discovery Ridge

“A Destination for a Hybrid Lifestyle”

Crawford was approached by our client to assist in the planning and development of 260 acres of land at an interchange off U.S. Highway 63, south of Columbia, Missouri. We prepared a master plan for the creation of a mixed-use development utilizing the few significant natural assets of the undeveloped site and improved the property appeal for future growth. The land is adjacent to a proposed biomedical research campus to be developed by the University of Missouri. Our client’s land adjoins an existing 120-acre park and lake. The master plan describes mixed-use development potential for a variety of residential types and densities, a hybrid lifestyle and power center retail development, sites for a convention center, and hotel and commercial pad sites. A school has been identified as a neighboring use to the residential sites.




Columbia, MO


260 acres


Master Planning & Concept Design, Convention, Hospitality, Retail & Entertainment, Residential, Mixed-Use, Commercial Office

Discovery Ridge is set to become a thriving environment of business and research activity – in an atmosphere of innovation, collaboration, and creativity.