Gosford City Council | NSW Department of Lands

Gosford Waterfront Development

“Historic Australian Waterfront Development Concept”

The competition called for a comprehensive master plan for the regeneration of the regional capital. One of the challenges was the disconnect between the town and water’s edge. At street level, the city center doesn’t offer a glimpse of the water that is nearby. Another goal was to reverse the daily commuter drain to Sydney through the creation of new employment opportunities.

Crawford Architects’ design centered around two catalyst projects that would revitalize the city. The first was the redevelopment of Gosford’s waterfront. It is an underutilized amenity that could attract tourists and residents alike. The redevelopment would include hospitality, residential, retail and office developments and a large outdoor recreation area.

The second catalyst was a transit-oriented development. The project would be built over the existing train tracks. Trains and buses would operate on the lower levels in a new state-of-the-art transit hub. Retail opportunities would be added at street level with high rise residential and office towers above.

The overall outcome would be a new node of density at the heart of the city, a waterfront district that maximizes the serene estuarine setting and the revitalization of Mann Street to connect the two.


Gosford City Council | NSW Department of Lands


Gosford, NSW, AUS


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