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Being Bold: The Inspirational Journey of Coach Char

“Coach Char” Shares Her Powerful Journey

Crawford sat down with three-time first-team All-American, US Olympian medalist, and Penn State Women’s Field Hockey Head Coach, Charlene Morett-Curtiss, prior to her retirement this year, to learn more about her inspiring journey.

Episode #2:

In this episode, Coach Char discusses her early childhood, high school years, and her path to receiving a scholarship to play women’s field hockey at Penn State University.

Watch the 4-minute episode below:

Video shot by Sean Murphy and edited by Dakota Miller Zinn.

Video Quote Highlights:

I grew up one of seven in a house that my father built. My father worked at the Arco refinery in South Philadelphia. I have five brothers and a sister. I was the 6th in line. So growing up was a very competitive childhood. I want to do whatever the boys were doing, and I actually did. If they played ice hockey, I played ice hockey; played basketball, I played basketball. But what was really neat is when I got to high school, there was a sport called field hockey that the boys didn’t play. It was a female sport.

Penn State was one of the very first schools to offer scholarships for female athletes. And it really wasn’t just because of the enactment of Title IX in 1972. It was because Penn State really felt it was the right thing to do.

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