City of Brentwood, CA

Vineyards at Marsh Creek Amphitheater Conceptual Design

“Multi-Purpose Outdoor Venue

Located on a rural 31-acre parcel of land near the foothills of Mt. Diablo, and adjacent to a residential community, the Vineyards at Marsh Creek lends itself as an amenity and outdoor venue for the City of Brentwood, CA, and surrounding cities. The facility is comprised of a 750-seat amphitheater with additional standing space, a wedding venue, a pedestrian promenade, parking, and a sculpture garden. The master plan also includes a designated site for a future Event Center.

As advocates of environmentally-conscious design, Crawford Architects was able to maximize the city’s value by locating the seating bowl within the existing valley of the site. This approach reduced the amount of excavation required. Intrinsically, by working with the existing topography and contours, the siting of various elements allowed for an optimized and balanced amount of fill needed throughout the site. Locating the wedding venue atop the amphitheater stage’s roof provided flexibility and allowed onlookers to take advantage of scenic panoramic views. This approach also resulted in a compact footprint that reduced disturbed land. The project captures and characterizes the vineyard culture of Brentwood and is truly a special place.


City of Brentwood


Brentwood, CA


Unbuilt Work/ Design Studies

We’re really looking at a niche, cultural arts and entertainment (center) that will have great synergy with the premier residential developments; will fit right in with the community college and will also be designed with a character that will fit in with the John Marsh House and the future state park.”