MERGE (Sandbox Agency)

Sandbox Agency Office

“Transformational KC Office”

The renovation to a 30,000-square-foot office balances aesthetics with programming, providing much-needed areas for collaboration, communication, and creativity for a newly formed full-service marketing agency. After the reduction of more than 7,000 square feet in scope from the initial design, existing walls and ceilings were demolished, creating create open spaces to reflect the agency’s brand in clean lines with materials and furniture that is fresh and inviting.

Wrapped in a façade of floor-to-ceiling windows, the office’s sense of openness is replicated inside. The open floor plate eliminates barriers to engagement. An auditorium between the two floors connects work and play zones. Nature is brought indoors through strategically located living green walls that are not only beautiful but also are great for indoor air quality.

Other features include a kitchen and break area, quiet rooms, editing suites, a game room, and a studio for shooting video commercials for clients.


MERGE (formally the Sandbox Agency)


Kansas City, MO


Master Planning & Concept Design, Interior Architecture, Brand Activation,  Signage & Wayfinding, Commercial Office

Architectural Partner: Architecture, Inc