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Being Bold: The Inspirational Journey of Coach Char

“Coach Char” Shares Her Powerful Journey

Crawford sat down with three-time first-team All-American, US Olympian medalist, and Penn State Women’s Field Hockey Head Coach, Charlene Morett-Curtiss, prior to her retirement this year, to learn more about her inspiring journey.

Episode #5:

In the 5th and final episode, Coach Char talks about the story behind the Crawford-designed Field Hockey Stadium and how it finally came to fruition after facing and overcoming several hurdles and circumstances along the way.

Watch the 9-minute episode below:

Video shot by Sean Murphy and edited by Dakota Miller Zinn.

Quotes from the video:


“I’m gonna get this stadium done. I’m gonna get this stadium done.”

“They (Crawford) came here, sat down with me, and said, ‘Describe your dream field for us. Just describe what you want your stadium to look like.’”

“I can’t thank Crawford enough. They nailed my vision. They nailed my vision. It’s so classy.”

“I will forever be grateful to them (Crawford) and I will pump them as the best architect company for building a stadium. They’re just amazing.”

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